5 Fun activities to help you stay fit without any gym

Ever felt like you need to start paying attention to your body but don’t feel like going to the gym too? Let’s face it: Gyms are expensive and downright overrated.

You may choose to join a gym and then pay for its monthly or yearly membership too, but we all know the truth, that at some point in time you will stop going and your money shall as well have gone down the drain.

But in today’s world where we have numerous amount of junk and unhealthy food available to us, it is extremely important to stay fit too. So, what do we do in such a situation? Do these 5 activities and you would be fit as a nut without paying for the gym:


I know it sounds pretty lame but trusts me, walking is one of the easiest and pretty straightforward ways to stay fit. I am not asking you to walk when it’s pouring heavy rain or burn yourself under the scorching sun, but make sure you always choose walking when going to short distances.

You can walk at night before dinner or in the morning before getting ready for office or college, for half an hour or an hour. You can walk to the grocery or your friend’s place who lives nearby or your office too if it’s as close as mine (Mine is just 1.5 km away). Choose walking wherever you can and avoid using any means of transport for short distances.

This is beneficial in more than one way as it will give you some peace of mind and you get to observe your surroundings without participating in it too. Walking is fun and easy and added with music, it comes up to be the perfect fitness routine for burning those extra calories and quite accessible too.


Another way to stay fit which is pretty simple and cost-free is cycling. If you own a cycle, then hop onto it and use it to travel everywhere. You can take your cycle to school, stores, theatres, etc. and the list goes on.

Not only is this an effective way to exercise, it is cost-free too. You join a gym and cycle there during cardio, so why not actually cycle in the open air and get your chores done too? You can cycle on weekends for a picnic with your friends and family too and make it a more fun experience. Sounds fitting, doesn’t it?


A lot of you might enjoy traveling and camping through the jungles or mountains. Well, you can head off on weekends for a one-day trek or two-day camping trips to state your wanderlust and what’s more, you stay fit too.

Hiking is perhaps another one of the most obvious ways to stay fit while not burning your back in a gym. You can trek through the forest and enjoy the nature around you, get to breathe in the fresh air or climb up the mountains and increase your exercise routine just by a notch. Anyway, it’s better to hike or trek through nature than spending hours in an enclosed A.C room, don’t you think so?


This is probably the easiest and the most fun of all the ways to stay fit. Choose your favorite outdoor game and convince a few friends or colleagues to play during free weekends and holidays. Let it be any game: Cricket, Football, Badminton, etc., all games require a lot of energy and helps in burning lots of unwanted fats and calories.

It also helps in developing your muscles and concentration power. Basically, it’s a win-win situation. You burn your fat while enjoying yourself, seems like the perfect combination to me.

Do Household Chores

I know all of us dread cleaning the house and other house related chores, but this is, in fact, one of the best ways to stay fit. Our grandparents were quite fit and healthy but gaming wasn’t so popular during their time, so what did they do? Well, they did the household work.

They washed their cars, mowed the lawn, cleaned the house, etc. and in turn stayed fit and healthy. Doing household chores helps in burning a lot of calories and is good for strengthening your muscles too.

An average is said to burn every minute, a minimum of 5-6 calories for dusting and 6 calories for washing your car. So if you work only 1-2 hours every week, you can burn around 480-720 calories per week which comes to around minimum 25k calories a year.

So basically, you can lose 7-10 pounds in a year just by doing households chores once or twice every week. That sounds like a lottery to me, so why don’t you go ahead and try it?


6 Things you’re doing wrong with your indoor rower

Don’t want to make a fool of yourself the first time on the rowing machine? Even though rowing machine is considerably easy to use, there are still many mistakes which you could make while rowing.

But this shouldn’t discourage you from taking this up because it is one of the most effective and efficient training activity to burn calories. Its low impact exercises make it a perfect machine for people of all ages and sizes.

So we have compiled a list of mistakes which every beginner makes and how you can avoid them:

Pulling excessively with your torso

Most newbies make the mistake of leaning their torso way off the 90-degree angle in correspondence to the floor which sets their back in a vulnerable position. A lot of rowers try this so that their power readout will increase but this actually places you in a position of expectant injuries.

How to fix this: Make sure that your feet are strapped onto the machine and you pull your torso as far as possible without breaking contact of your feet. Try squeezing your glutes when you are in the end stage of the arm pulling so that you are more erect.

Incorrect sitting posture

Most common mistake made by a lot of newbies is to not perfect their sitting posture and just randomly keep on rowing with the incorrect posture.

This not only puts them at a risk of injury but also is counterproductive to the whole growing process. These people, with their curved backs and rolled forward hips, end up facing a lot of trouble while rowing.

How to fix this: Practice rowing only with your torso and place it right above your hips. Move back and forth from the hips while your legs and arms are stretched out. Once you are done with the second part of the drive stage, you will be able to feel the seat move with your torso.

Not checking the damper settings

A frequently made mistake is to not set the damper settings which suits your level. Lots of newbies just sit down on the rowing machine without changing the settings first which leads them into being exhausted in just a few minutes. If you don’t set the damper settings on a low level, chances are you would feel very difficult to row as the resistance would be high.

How to fix this: Set the damper settings before you start your rowing exercise. Make sure you start with a low level and then gradually increase your levels once you are comfortable with it.

Incorrect order or operations

Another frequently made mistake is to jumble up the time of your legs and arms movement. Although it might not seem like a bad idea at the moment, this could put unnecessary strain on your body and have harmful health effects.

How to fix this: The correct order would be to first push the panel with your legs, then pull back your hips so that you are in a slight laid back position, and then finally pull your arms inwards. Once you are done with these three steps, reverse the order and go back to your original position.

Using your arms exclusively

Rowing is not all about using your arms. I know it must feel that rowing is all about your arms and upper body because most rowers have a well-built upper body but this is far from the truth. Your whole body utilization is important while rowing unless you want to get seriously injured while doing it.

How to fix this: Make sure you use the power of your legs to push the panel where you’re strapped in feet are placed. Rowing should be 60% less, 20% core, and 20% arms.

Hunched Back

If you are one of those people who hunch most of the time regardless of whether you are standing or sitting on your desk, then chances are your body will assume the same position when you are rowing which could prove highly detrimental to your health.

How to fix this: Practice a stacked posture by focusing on your abdominal muscles or by utilizing your core and make sure your spine is relaxed and not exerting any kind of pressure.

Still getting it wrong? Check this guide out