5 Reasons we recommend every fitness freak to cross train

We all know that cross training can greatly help you if you are preparing for some running competition or any random sports competition for that matter.

It improves your strength and muscle power and generally makes you more flexible. Now, you will ask why you need to cross train if you are training hard enough for your event itself.

Well, here are all the reasons why you should start cross training for your big event this instant:

Growing fitness

It is no surprise that if you cross train and include more than one sports activity in your training routine, you are bound to improve your strength and fitness and less prone to injuries.

Usually, a lot of the athletes take up a single training routine which tones and strengthens their major muscles required in that sporting event but completely ignores the other muscles.

So when something stretches unexpectedly, athletes are bound to get injured and lose the big event for which they had been practicing so hard.

But if you include some cross training activities, you not only strengthen your frequently used muscles but you also give your other muscles a chance to stay active and fit, which makes your body flexible and you are prone to fewer injuries.

Faster Healing

One of the most advantageous benefits of cross training is that it helps your body during injuries and makes sure that your training isn’t affected and that you have a speedy recovery.

Since cross training makes sure that all your muscles are frequently trained and more flexible for use, so when you do end up getting injured and can’t continue with your normal training, you can certainly go for some modified training routine.

This cross-training helps in keeping your muscles active and could sometimes even fix your injury’s origin thereby making you fit for your old training again.

Improved Stamina

It is a plain fact that if you train in more than one type of activities, you will condition your body for a greater endurance and stamina, right?

Well, that’s exactly how cross training helps you, it conditions your body to varying degrees of discomfort through various activities and as a result, you will notice that suddenly you aren’t tiring as soon as you did previously. Cross training is probably one of the best ways to train if you are looking for improved endurance and stamina levels.

So go and mix your training activities now and notice how you can run for hours without tiring anymore.

Recover your body

Sometimes when you exhaust yourself doing that same, monotonous training, again and again, you don’t give your body a chance to relax and refresh itself from the monotonous routine. Making sure that your body stays rejuvenated is equally important.

So make sure that you don’t tire your body with the same training routine, go for some other sports training when you feel like you have pushed yourself too hard.

Take a break from your normal routine. This will make sure you don’t burn out your body with the same type of exercises and thus help in the active recovery of your body.

Pronounced Effectiveness

Taking up cross-training can help in increasing the efficiency of some of your muscles and in turn help you perform more effectively. You can take up more cross-training activities to make your body more flexible which could help your training in several aspects.

Cross training helps you in improving your stride power which results in less ground association and longer stride lengths which help in fast-paced racing.

Another example could be that if your muscles are more flexible, they would provide you with less internal resistance while running or doing any other activity and thereby increase your speed and efficiency.

Cross Training has several more benefits like increased motivation, pregnancy fit, enjoying other sports activities and the list goes on. This is probably one of the best ways to train for your event and will help you tremendously in the long run.

So what are you waiting for? Go and start your cross training now and reap the benefits of a flexible, enhanced and fit body in no time at all.

Here are a few cross-training moves for runners

Here’s what you are doing wrong with your Paleo Diet

As more and more people are indulging in the Paleo diet to make their body lean, strong and energized, we figured it’s time to point out some of the mistakes which might affect the results of this diet. So if you are a starter on the Paleo diet and not sure about what it entails, here are a few mistakes which you would want to avoid:

Consuming unlimited amount of food

Well, Paleo diet does consist mainly of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and healthy fats from Olive oil, avocados, etc., but that doesn’t mean you can eat as much as you want. You might think that now that you are eating healthy food, it is okay to stuff yourself with large amounts of food but sorry to burst your bubble, this doesn’t hold true.

The simple fact remains that this healthy food also provides you with calories and well you should only take in a number of calories which you are bound to use, otherwise it would accumulate in your body making you gain weight. Take in a small amount of food at regular intervals and you should be all set for the Paleo diet to work.

Thinking of it as a no Carb diet

No, this diet doesn’t mean you have to cut off on your carbs altogether. Carbs are important for your body and brain functions and cutting off on it could prove to be more harmful than beneficial for your body.

You could surely include low carbs and regulate your carbs but it really depends on you and what suits your body. So take a note of how much quantity of carbs would be good for you and include it in your diet.

Considering it a high protein diet

Similar to no carb mistake, a lot of people assume that since it’s a high protein diet you have to stack yourself with all the meat. Well, it is not true. Too much of anything is not good for your body.

Paleo diet means to have good quality proteins and not that you stuff with a large quantity of it. Make sure your meal consists of a proper amount of proteins, carbs, and fats with good helpings of vegetables. Eat the appropriate amount of protein according to your body needs, don’t overdo it.

Making it about weight loss

This is not a weight loss diet, it is more about choosing the right amount of food for a healthy and fit living. Sure, if you need to lose a few extra pounds, this is a good way to do it but make sure you don’t skip it in the middle. This diet is to make sure you take a proper amount of nutrients and not specific to weight loss really.

Incorporate this in your food habits for a healthy living and you will see weight loss as an added advantage.

No proper planning

One of the most important steps which a lot of people miss out on is the planning part. Any diet requires a lot of planning on your part and Paleo diet isn’t any different. You need to check your body requirements and plan your diet properly so that it doesn’t lack in any nutrient.

Planning what food you should take and in what amounts and at what intervals is crucial for it to work, so don’t skip out on this one. Plan your diet meticulously and you will see the benefits of your hard work in just a few days.

Here’s what the experts have to say about it